Center for Research and Policy Making

Established in 2004 under Macedonian law as a “civic association” The Center for Research and Policy Making – CRPM deals with policy analysis, trying to open the process of policy making to citizens, to improve laws, to assess institutional capacity for their implementation, as well as monitoring and assessing whether these policies create public value or are aimed at “Europeanization” of Macedonia.

The Center for Research and Policy Making is a research think-tank organization whose mission is to promote good governance and development in Macedonia based on relevant evidence-based policy research, capacity building and training, assessments, analysis and research, regardless and independently from the special interests of any group of society, whether political, social or economic.

In our long-term work, we also provide training, evaluate donor programs in Macedonia and the region, and conduct public opinion polls. CRPM regularly organizes forums, roundtables and debates that provide policy makers with accurate and timely policy recommendations, which are the product of comprehensive research, well-argued and focused on Government policy activities and anchored in CRPM research interests.

In the research activities and analysis of the CRPM team, the gender perspective is fully integrated and they are accompanied by advocacy efforts that are fully in line with the organization’s communication and advocacy strategy. Numerous of our policy proposals have been accepted by the Government, and according to many indicators, such as the impact of politics or media appearances and comments, today CRPM is the leading Macedonian think tank.

Center for Research and Policy Making has received international awards from GDN Outstanding Research on Development in 2016, PASOS Think Tank Award in 2010 and Think Tank Publication Award in 2013, and is best ranked on the Global Think Tank Index 2013-2020 by University of Pennsylvania.